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CCRTD-Molecular Biology

Director: Zou, Jin, Ph.D.


CCRTD Core Facilities house major equipment for DNA and RNA-based applications. We offer polymerase chain reaction ( PCR ) instruments including Real-Time PCR machine (I-Cycle, Bio-Rad), Liquid Scintillation Counter (Beckman Coulter), Lyophilizer and Freeze-Dryer for biological samples, Cell Porator, high-speed and ultra-high-speed Centrifuges, ultra-sensitive Balances, and other supporting equipment. DNA and RNA quantification can be carried out on Spectrophotometers, both single-cuvette (DU650, Beckman Coulter) and 96-well plate based. DNA and RNA can be visualized, digitized, and quantified using Gel Documentation system (Bio-Rad) or Multi-Mode Imager Typhoon 9410, in fluorescent, luminescent, UV, or visible wavelengths; time-resolved fluorescence option is available on BioTek Plate Imager. For X-Ray imaging, we maintain an Automated X-Ray processor and Dark Room; radioisotope imaging is also supported on Typhoon 9410.



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